Mobile e-Learning

SoftNet specializes in the provision of high quality, contemporary and value for money eLearning solutions for your educational needs and workplace.

We have a proven track record with delivering end to end e-learning solutions. Whether it is a question of integrating solutions to your existing systems or development of stand-alone systems built to suit your business needs, SoftNet can provide you tailor made solution to deliver eLearning solutions.

  • Reduced cost to deliver content
  • Consistent branding and user experience
  • Proof of completion and certification
  • Lower environment impact
  • On demand access
  • Reduced learning times
  • Faster content delivery

Online Test Taking

SoftNet also has expertise and experience in creating state of the art “test taking” web and mobile platforms for businesses and individuals. From Universities to Governments online testing is adapted at a rapid pace. In no time, a paper based test will be rarely seen. And in that too, in time, mobile testing is the end of all means in testing taking. Why we do better is because we understand the business aspect of it thoroughly and have experience building these successful apps.