Mobile App Development

SoftNet designs are widely compatible, quality oriented and performance-centric mobile apps for the future. Streamline routine tasks for optimum results. Get the power of extensive data collaboration, in your hands with smart app development.

That’s a tremendous marketing opportunity. Promotions are increasingly getting personal, across the world and the best and the most effective means of reaching out to your target audience is through their smart phones.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

One of our Business Analysis team will sit with you, understand your business needs, your market, your customers, your competition and your key challenges, and share this brief with our development team that designs the app that will address several of those challenges. We have the know-how, the resources and the technology to provide solutions for every kind of enterprise, whether you are:

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C)
  • Business-to-business (B2B)
  • Business-to-enterprise (B2E) or
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)

SoftNet can help you understand and profit from the disruptions caused by the advent of mobile and introduction of a variety of smart business applications. We will help your business reach out to your customers in a more meaningful, useful way. We can unlock the immense value in innovative mobile solutions to help your business grow.

iPhone App Development

We are the best in the business. Our apps are loved by users all over. We have been developing iOS apps for various domains and functionalities, with varying levels of complexities. It includes apps for enterprise functions, E-commerce, and travel, gaming, sales and marketing and so on. We strive to develop apps that can deliver the desired results in the easiest possible way, so as to ensure optimum amount of user engagement and satisfaction.

Android App Development

Android, with more smartphones running on it than all other players combined is the leader many times over. Along with that, it brings a unique problem - device fragmentation. Android commands the mobile ecosystem with more than 3/4ths of all the smartphones in the world on the operating system. We have developed quite complex apps with intrinsic logic and delivered success to clients in earning potential.

Mobile Strategy

SoftNet has an excellent and demonstrated track record in mobile strategy and transformation. We will help you to:

  • > Discover your mobile transformation journey
  • > Develop a strategy by comprehending specific business needs
  • > Share a deployment plan that potentially offers a significant impact for you

SoftNet offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help business.

  • > Mobile Strategy
  • > Mobile Architecture & Solution Design
  • > Mobile Apps Development
  • > Mobile Testing
  • > Mobile Integration Services
  • > Mobile COE
Did you know that there will be 4.55 billion mobile users, with 1.75 billion mobile internet users worldwide this year, according to a new eMarketer report?

Exceptional User Experience

The foundation of great design lies in properly understanding who we’re creating for. We time considerable time from our engagement gathering information about your business and users through quantitative and qualitative data. This information helps to create an objective and identify metrics to measure our progress. With objective clearly defined, we work with functional teams to brainstorm strategies to create an immediate and measurable impact on your business. We get to action with moodboards, wireframes, site maps and designs. Our team of strategists, designers and developers will closely work with your team to create a beautiful and functional final product.

With a rigorous planned and process oriented approach and by loading highly engaging content with business features on your app, SoftNet can make sure that your App stands out and make it to the list widely noticed and used by net-entrepreneur.

Startups / Individual Entrepreneurs

We provide a slew of tailored services to startups and small and medium-scale entrepreneurs, such as prototype app development, wireframe designing, SRS Documentation, UX designing, to cite a few. Should you be interested in this service, with prototypes on paper, our Business Associate would be able to explain all the app features to you, do feasibility and market viability studies on your under development business app.

Wireframing enables us to define the information hierarchy of your design, making it easier for you to visualize the layout of your web property and how you want your user to process the information. Likewise, if you already have a website, we can enhance its functionality and aesthetics for user experience (UX designing).